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The 10 questions to ask yourself before adopting a dog

The idea of welcoming a dog into your home fascinates you. It is true that these hairballs are adorable and add a good mood to your daily life. But becoming a loyal friend to your new dog is not easy and carries with it many responsibilities that you may not think about.

questions to ask yourself before adopting a dog
questions to ask yourself before adopting a dog

If he can bring you happiness, make sure that you will be able to reciprocate him...

What question should I ask about a new dog?

To help you, here are the main questions that you should think about and answer seriously before welcoming a dog into your home. Questions based on daily life that will allow you to see more clearly.

What do I wish I know before getting a dog?

The life expectancy of a dog is on average a good ten years, knowing that many of them blithely exceed the age of 15 years. Its adoption is therefore a long-term commitment and the adopter must be aware that he will be responsible for his animal, its well-being, its health, and its education but also for the damage it may cause.

Adopting a dog should not be decided on a whim. You have to be sure to be ready but also to never fail in your duty to this faithful companion. Before adoption, it is therefore absolutely essential to find out about the obligations that this entails and the many disadvantages of having a dog (yes, there are some!).

questions to ask yourself before adopting a dog
questions to ask yourself before adopting a dog

How do I prepare to meet a dog?

People with an already busy schedule, whether for personal, family, or professional reasons, and those who don't want to change their quiet little lives, should know that adopting a dog requires a serious review of its planning, and this is for many years!

The animal needs to be taken care of every day of the week and throughout the year. We don't deviate. Owning a dog takes time and you really have to be willing to invest yourself daily because of course you have to give him food and drink, clean him, remove him, pick up his droppings, spend time teaching him, play with him, take him to the vet for check-ups and so wait Sometimes a long time in the waiting room... Grooming a dog requires at least two hours a day.

Why are these questions to ask when adopting a dog?

Above all, we must not forget the golden rule: adopting an animal is a long-term commitment!

It is only natural to take the time to consider the question from all angles before making a decision.

Here is a series of questions that can guide your thinking! If you live with your family, a friend, your spouse, etc., why not ask yourself these questions as a group? It is important that everyone feels comfortable with the decision because even if you are a dog guardian, the people close to you will be directly or indirectly involved in your new companion's life.

Who will be responsible for the dog?

It's a big responsibility for a child... The dog needs our daily care.

  • How much time can you devote to your dog per day?
  • Think about your work schedule and calculate how many hours your dog will be alone. The dog needs daily physical activity (long walks, playing ball, running, etc.).
  • How much can you budget for his food, accessories, and care per year?
  • How much space can you make available?
  • Are you in an apartment or do you have a house with a large yard?
  •  Is your land fenced?
  •  If you live in an apartment, have you discussed with the landlord the possibility of owning a dog?
  •  Are you located near the dog park?
  • Are you willing to brush them regularly or are you the ready-to-wear type?

Some types of dogs require more maintenance and care than others. You also have to think about claws! Dogs need a pedicure once in a while!.

questions to ask yourself before adopting a dog
questions to ask yourself before adopting a dog

Are you ready to take care of a dog for ten years? Is your lifestyle likely to change in the short or medium term?

A dog can live for ten years with proper care! If you have to move a lot, will your pet be able to follow you?

Are there people around you who suffer from allergies?

Yes, there are products to reduce allergies but be aware that allergies can cause significant discomfort and can cause long-term health problems.

Will your dog have to live with children or other animals?

Some dogs are very nervous with children, and that's normal. Others don't get along so well. You have to ask our team and clearly define each dog's personality.

Would you prefer an adult dog that is already educated and has a stable personality or a puppy that you will have to teach everything to?

The puppy will need to be on a home leash, well socialized with other animals and with humans, etc. An adult dog already has his own personality and preferences, you need to make sure that your lifestyle suits him!

Top 10 questions to ask yourself before adopting a dog:

1. Am I ready to commit?

Adopting a dog requires time and that throughout his life. So you will have to take care of him for 10 or 15 years depending on the breed.

2. Do I have enough free time to take care of it?

After an exhausting day at work, taking time for yourself remains important. It will still be necessary that you can give a minimum of 30 minutes of attention for the walk. Every day, in all weathers and summer and winter. In addition, you will have to wash it regularly. And if he has long hair, you will be forced to brush him practically every day.

3. Am I the only one who wants this dog?

It is not uncommon, within a household, to realize that not everyone wants a pet. Apart from the relationship problems with those around you that this can cause, being left alone to take care of a dog is an even more important responsibility for you.

questions to ask yourself before adopting a dog
questions to ask yourself before adopting a dog

4. Do I have the space to welcome him at my home?

Your home must have a suitable living space for you and a new dog. The presence of a companion at home is based on the principle of flat-sharing. It can take up a lot of space and encroach on your living comfort, as you do on his.

Important detail: if you are a tenant, make sure that the presence of a dog is authorized in the rental contract...

5. Is owning a garden mandatory for the acquisition of a dog?

It is certain: owning a garden represents a great advantage. But check that it is well-fenced to avoid possible escapes. If you don't have one, it's not prohibitive, but avoid large dogs and opt for a doggie who may be older and already used to living indoors.

Last point: if you don't have a garden, having a park nearby is a good alternative. Your future dog must exercise regularly without always being kept on a leash. And in case of urgent natural needs, not having to travel miles remains a real asset.

6. Do I have the financial means to afford and maintain a dog?

Owning a dog is a long-term investment. Young puppies are not donated and can cost several hundred or even thousands of dollars to buy depending on the breed. But it doesn't end there. It will also be necessary to think about veterinary expenses, the food budget, accessories, toys, and incidentally the costs of professional training.

7. Do I have any means of locomotion?

You will for sure have to move in the company of your dog. For this, it is important that you have an efficient and adapted public transport network if you live in the city. Likewise, your car must be able to accommodate it without problems to avoid damage.

8. I already own a pet, will they get along?

If you are already a pet owner, make sure that they will get along with new dogs or puppies. Beforehand, you can test your pet's behavior with one of your relatives who also own animals. You will thus have a lot of information about the conditions of reception of the new arrival.

9. Am I not allergic?

If this is your first dog and you have never been brought to life with a dog, check that you are not allergic to it. It can happen, just as someone close to you can be. It is more prudent to check before committing.

10. I'm not too obsessed with a dog.

If you are not enthusiastic about owning and raising a dog in your home and taking care of it yourself, there is no harm in that.

Dogs do not have a sense of the importance of order and cleanliness as you do, but you can ensure their cleanliness and care by a person close to you, a servant, or a domestic worker who performs the service for you.

These are the big questions to ask yourself before welcoming a dog. If you are convinced and become aware of all these limitations, go for it! Choose your breed well according to your expectations, needs, and limitations. You are spoiled for choice as there are hundreds of them.

questions to ask yourself before adopting a dog
questions to ask yourself before adopting a dog

questions to ask the breeder before getting a dog.

Are you ready to adopt a dog? However, this approach must be responsible. Here are some points you should list before picking up your companion from a breeder or shelter.

How do you choose your future companion?

We always resent the behavior of little puppies, but having one at home is not so simple! You will have to teach them everything, however, adopting them offers many advantages. They often know the basic commands.

Successful adoption means choosing a dog whose personality and behavioral needs match your lifestyle. The choice of your ideal dog should not be made solely based on aesthetic criteria (color, length of hair, etc.) or physical criteria (size, sex, weight, etc.), but rather according to his temperament.

Some dog breeds require more patience than others. It is important to be aware of this from the moment of adoption because dogs who need to be very active can become "destructive" if they are not sufficiently stimulated daily.

What should be checked before adopting a dog?

Above all, the financial aspect should not be overlooked. You must be certain of being able to provide for all its needs, by providing it with good food, preventive care (vaccines, deworming, antiparasitic treatments, sterilization, and oral hygiene), and veterinary expenses in the event of illness or accident.

Next, make sure your home is safe for a dog. Check your fences carefully, as some dogs can escape at any time. Remember that all puppies go through an "oral exploration phase" during which they tend to gnaw on everything, including furniture and shoes.

How much time can you devote to your dog?

We define a “time budget” as the distribution of activities over 24 hours, i.e. the time we devote to eating, sleeping, playing, etc. Depending on the animal's temperament, the time allotted to these different activities may vary.

If a dog's "time budget" doesn't match its owner's, we're headed for disaster. Thus, the scout dog, who finds himself locked up most of the day, will end up expressing his normal behavior in an inappropriate context and will turn into a "destructive" dog.

Successful adoption requires tailoring the owner's schedule to the dog's needs. The dog should be walked at least twice a day, even if he has a garden. Don't adopt a very active dog if you don't have time to walk and play with him.

How do you arrange your home for the arrival of a dog to adopt?

Once you have chosen your future companion, it is important to make him comfortable in his new environment. Let him discover the house and familiarize himself with the space reserved for him.


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