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6 Things Your Cat is saying to you

 6 Things Your Cat is saying to you.

In today's article, we will learn about the 6 most important things to help us understand the basic body language of cats, so that we can actually understand what you want to tell us and communicate with our cats with love. Once we learn the cats' body language correctly, we can help them and respond to their demands.

And another, more important thing is that you must remember that the body language of cats is different from that of dogs, so if you own dogs, never apply their body language rules to cats.

Halloween Cat 

When Tail is up in the air and cat is totally puffed, we assume its aggression but in reality, its fear. They appear bigger as they are afraid of something they just saw.

The Cat Hug

When a cat is lying on his back, they are exposing the most vulnerable part, this shows that the cat is trusting the nearby. But never ever rub their belly as people do with dogs.

The Wagging Tail

The people think that when the tail is wagging their cat is happy, in reality, it’s totally opposite. They are just ready to explode their static energy over something or somebody.

Over Stimulation Aggression

That can be seen, while you are just padding your cat and cat just explode on you. As padding induce over stimulation

Play Aggression

You think a cat is playing, but in the real cat is just not. They are wild from nature they are just stimulating prey, they are trying to hunt.

Peeing outside litter box

If your cat is peeing out, better go to vet. And solve the problem in behaviour.

Stop assuming the way you think about dogs and start thinking differently for cats and you will be able to understand them properly and probably help them.